Hi there,

I’m Virag, a 24-year old artist and maker based in West Yorkshire, England. In 2021, I have graduated from the University of Huddersfield with a BSc Textile Crafts & Arts degree specialising in embroidery .

At the moment, as an artist & practitioner, I work is mainly focusing on textiles, hand embroidery, upcycling, and craftivism. Sustainability and an eco-conscious mindset is embedded in most of my work and I am a huge advocate for ethical, sustainable and slow fashion & textiles. During this past year, merging my craftsmanship skills with activism (craftivism) has been a huge part of my practice because I get to use my arts & crafts skills rather than my voice to advocate for what I believe in & passionate about. I strongly believe that as an artist, I have the power to make a change or at least start a conversation about things that needs to be changed in order to build a more ethical, sustainable, intersectional and balanced life for us and our planet.

I also really enjoy

  • travelling & discovering the beauty within the UK,
  • roller skating ,
  • pottery -quite a new hobby of mine,
  • thrifting – if this even considered a hobby?!
  • upcycling some clothes -such a fun activity
  • watching films & series – loving my fantasy & sci-fi ones
  • spending time with friends & family
  • creating digital illustrations on Procreate
  • drawing mandalas
  • and I even do some visible mending sometimes

If you want to keep up-to-date with me and see some behind the scenes & extra content, definitely make sure you follow me on Instagram as I am the most active there.

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