My passion for drawing and creating original mandala designs goes back years and years now. I found the process of creating these beautiful abstract & geometric designs relaxing and it has a positive impact on my mental health as well which proves how art can really help to keep our mental health under control. This passion also led me to create unique, hand embroidered mandala pieces which inspired me to open a little Etsy shops with my creations in 2016; unfortunately, the shop closed when I started my university education. I have also created a large scale mandala block print piece as the part of my final collection at college.

Mandalas art is still  a huge passion of mine even after all this time and I am hoping to get back to it in the future. You can see a selection of pieces, drawings and my print down below in the gallery section.

P.s. If you are interested in a commission piece, I am more than happy to give you a quote for a unique hoop art piece specially made for you either creating you a new design or you can choose from my existing collection. I offer any colour combination and using upcycled or headstock fabric.

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