Final Major Project ’21

“Dear throw-away culture,…” is a craftivism project with a mission to raise awareness and start conversations about throw-away culture and how it impact our lives and our planet. The final collection consists of textural & tactile hand embroidered hoop art pieces and wearable patches using upcycled and scrap materials. Each hoop features a meaningful hand-written letter addressed to “throw-away culture” sent by a passionate individual through social media. The collection would be exhibited at crafts markets & festival across the UK where visitors would also have the chance to interact with me face-to-face and get involved in the project. 

The letters:

The hand-written letters, I have used for my collection were written by people who wished to join the project through social media. They have written these letters addressed to throw-away culture in order to share their voices and throughout and what they would say to throw-away culture if it was a person. Using their letters as my activist statements filled my pieces with personalities and meaning. Each letter and hand-writing shows a bit of the personality of the individual who wrote it with sometimes all the mistakes because we are only humans and typed text is never going to be as meaningful and powerful as handwriting.

The materials & process:

To achieve a textural, colourful and engaging hand embroidery finish, a wide selection of yarns and threads were used such as wool, cotton, linen, acrylic and polyester. As an eco-conscious practitioner, my primary focus was to only use materials that I have already owned; scraps, hand-me-downs, left-overs and pieces from my materials collection as home. This process helped me to save resources and practice how to have a more eco-friendly practice in an industry that is so wasteful and resource-intense.

Hand embroidery techniques such as Turkey work, French knots, couching with satin stitch were explored in order to add volume and a rich texture to my embroidery pieces. These techniques helped me to create a tactile finish which aims to be more engaging and unique showing my level of craftsmanship.

Campaign / fundraiser:

Although, the main mission of the project is to raise awareness and start conversations through craftivism, as part of my final collection I have create a fundraiser aspect which would’ve allowed me to support brilliant organisations and charities such as Fashion Revolution and Traid who are working towards a more ethical and sustainable fashion & textile industry. This segment would consist of hand-embroidered wearable patches / badges and Craftivist patch kits which I could sell at the events and/or through my website and I can put 50% of the profit from each sale towards supporting different organisations and charities. As part of this concept, I would also have separate small group workshops across the Uk for different age groups which would include discussion about throw-away culture, making these patches, other type fo upcycling or mending tutorials and projects. These additional activities would make my project more successful with the added benefits of

  • spreading the word about this topic & problem,
  • starting conversations,
  • shifting people’s mindsets,
  • building small communities with like-minded people
  • teaching new & valuable skills,
  • and supporting organisations who are doing something incredible to change our system.

“Dear throw-away culture,…” is the title of my final collection & project, I created for my Final Major Project (FMP) during my last year at the University of Huddersfield Textile Practice course. At this point, this project is only conceptual and only made for my FMP, however, in the future this project might be able to come alive after some changes and adaptation.

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